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That is one reason making images to represent Him or worship were forbidden.

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He cannot be seen by human eyes nor discovered by human research. The only perfect picture we have of God is in Jesus Christ. When you wonder what God is like, look at Jesus. What Jesus did the Father was doing. What Jesus said, the Father was saying. What Jesus felt--His compassion, His sympathy, His anger at the cold-hearted and the hypocrites, His love for children, His love for His disciples--these are the feelings God has.

If you have had a poor human model of fatherhood and envision your heavenly Father to be the same, you can correct your faulty concepts by looking at Jesus and seeing God. Light refers to what is good, holy, pure and true. Darkness represents evil. The absolute purity of God is not shadowed in any way by evil and sin. Light reveals.

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It makes it possible for us to see what is right. Since God is light, He also exposes our sin so we can deal with it and be forgiven. Light purifies. Light also gives warmth and power. It makes things grow. His light guides us and makes us grow to maturity. The Greek word for love is agape, that unconditional love that we will find nowhere else.

Knowing more about the Godhead can bring you closer to Them. Just as it's usually easier for us to love friends and family more deeply the better we get to know. Godhead or godhood , is the divinity or substance ousia of the Christian God, the substantial impersonal being of God, as opposed to the individual persons or. When we believe and rest in His love we will feel safe no matter what He permits in our lives. Our sense of worth will not be dependent on what people think of us. Rejection by a friend, husband, or child will not devastate us.

We are loved by God. We are precious to Him. Nothing we can do will diminish that love. His love gives us significance. This is probably the most important attribute of God.

Holiness means the total absence of evil. It includes a positive righteousness. Let me give you an analogy.

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What does it mean to be healthy? It means much more than just not being sick. It means being in a vigorous, robust, physical, mental and spiritual condition. God is holy and can do nothing that is inconsistent with his holy nature.

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This Holy One, who died for us and rose from the dead, lives within us to make us holy. The Greek word for holy is the word that is often translated saint. God calls us saints when we trust the Lord Jesus, then the rest of our lives here on earth should be spent becoming more and more holy. Can you even begin to suppose that God who has not even a spot of evil in Him would have any plan for our lives which was not for our ultimate good? View all Sermons. In his Epistle to the Colossians, he emphasizes the divinity of Christ in these words, "For in him dwelleth all the fulness of the Godhead bodily.

Twice, Paul uses this word to describe the glory and majesty of God the Father; and once he applies this word to the Son of God, fully divine: B. There is confusion among Christians about the Essence of God: a. A few Bible facts about the Godhead, as Paul speaks: a. Relationship of the members of the Godhead: a. Browse All Media Related Media.

Talk about it Bordeanu Alexandru Andrei commented on Mar 15, excellen. Sign in to reply to this comment. Subscribe to Comments Post Reply Cancel. Change in sleeping habits.

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Change in social activities. Change in work hours or conditions. Change to a different line of work. Death of a close friend. Death of a close family member. Death of a spouse. Fired at work. Foreclosure of mortgage or loan. Gain of a new family member. Marital reconciliation. Marital separation. Minor violation of the law. Outstanding personal achievement. Partner begins or stops work. Personal injury or illness. Revision of personal habits. Sexual difficulties.

Son or daughter leaving home. Trouble with boss. Trouble with in-laws. What Does It Mean? The more changes you have, the more likely you are to get sick. Many things can invite stress into your life. Everyone experiences unsettling events in their lives, but the particular causes and the extent to which different people experience the resulting stress varies from one person to another.

No matter where stress comes from, if the short-term effects occur intensely and frequently, the long-term costs are the same — the quality of your life suffers. On the other hand, if you increase and fine tune your coping skills, your life and health actually improve. To alleviate stress, it is important first to identify the possible stressors or triggers. The triggers fall into three categories: frustrations, conflicts and pressures. Frustrations are obstacles, barriers or anything that keeps you from achieving your goals. Limitations and the inability to overcome or accept them can put intense strain on your mental and emotional state.

Frustrations that lead to stress can be internal or external.

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Internal frustrations are characteristics that you may perceive as limitations within yourself. Some examples include:. External frustrations are obstacles that occur outside of you. You may feel that they hold you back from your goals. Some examples of external frustrations are:. Moral dilemmas and decisions that call you to consult your conscience are typical conflict triggers.

Conflicts leading to stress may include:. You are bound to experience pressures in life that lead to stress. Pressures can be either internal or external. The goals that you attempt to achieve and the bar that you set for yourself can be just as stressful as any work deadline. Internal pressures are the burdens you put on yourself so that you can live up to your own standards or perceptions of yourself. External pressures are situations that the world or another influence puts upon you.