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How do we deal with all of this media-induced paranoia, fear, and anxiety? An example from church history proves instructive. Saint Augustine — lived at a time of great fear and anxiety. His world changed dramatically in A. This was the beginning of the end for the western half of the Roman Empire. As refugees fled to northern Africa, bringing all manner of ominous reports, Augustine was forced to deal with the issues as many were going so far as to blame the fall of Rome on Christianity. His classic work The City of God was written to respond to the crisis.

One of my favorite quotes from this book addresses the fearfulness of his readers. These are the words of one who trusts the sovereignty of God.

Fear Paralyzes Action

Augustine knew there was no point in being constantly fearful about all of the dangers surrounding him. The world is fearful and anxious, but it is fearful and anxious about the wrong things. The world is fearful about the economy. The world is fearful about retirement accounts. The world is fearful about natural disasters and man-made disasters. The world is fearful of terrorism, and the world is fearful of disease.

The world, however, is not fearful of God. Jesus tells us that we are not to fear those who can kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Instead we are to fear God who can destroy both Matt. A truly fearful thing is to fall into the hands of the living God Heb. Those who have placed their faith in Jesus Christ, however, have nothing to fear from man, or from anything else for that matter. Those who trust Christ have nothing to fear from hurricanes, diseases, economic collapse, war, famine, or even death.

What causes a fear of heights as we grow older

All of these things are under the control of our sovereign Father in heaven. Is there anything we can do to fight worldly fear and anxiety? I believe Paul provides one important clue by contrasting fear with prayer. A neglect of prayer almost always results in a corresponding rise in our fear and anxiety. This is no coincidence. First published in Tabletalk Magazine , an outreach of Ligonier.

Such fear will help us remain obedient to our heavenly Father when tempted to do wrong.

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Rather, he loves them and wants them to succeed. So if we make a mistake or commit a sin, fear of Jehovah should not restrain us from speaking to him about it. I knew he was watching, and I had a longing to be approved in his sight. It moved me to destroy the drugs that were in my possession by flushing them down the toilet. Besides pleasing Jehovah, you are protecting yourself against the horrible things that happen to people, including the fearsome diseases to which they expose themselves.

How can you gain it? She had become involved in all types of illicit sex, as well as spiritism and stealing.

She then began to study the Bible and saw the need to listen to and fear Jehovah. Jehovah helped me so much in finding the truth and happiness.

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I feel I owe so much to him because he opened my eyes and gave me the chance really to think and find him. I now want to help other people find this happiness.

Bible Verses for Anxiety and Worry - Overcome Fear with Calming Scriptures & Relaxing Nature Sounds

Job ; Micah This happy experience will be enjoyed only by those who fear God. What are some vital reasons that should move us to fear God? Really, we should have a wholesome dread of displeasing him. We deeply appreciate all the loving-kindness and goodness that he has shown to us. Everything we have has come from him. Revelation Moreover, he is the Supreme Judge, the Almighty, with power to put to death those who disobey him.

This is not the attitude to be displayed by Christians who in these last days are striving to maintain a relationship with the One who can see right into their hearts and who knows their innermost thoughts and intentions. Jeremiah Only those who have a proper recognition of Jehovah will be acknowledged by him. No other nation experienced such care and attention from the Sovereign of the universe.

What did he expect in return? And their sons who have not known should listen, and they must learn to fear Jehovah your God all the days that you are living upon the soil to which you are crossing the Jordan to take possession of it. What should be of primary concern to parents regarding their children?

Name one factor that parents should keep in mind in training their children to be fearers of Jehovah, and explain how this should be applied. One is to start when the children are young. How young? Also, involve them in field service as soon as they are able to have a share. Many youths have learned to present a magazine or a tract even before they begin attending school. What is a second factor, and how can parents accomplish it?

Even when it comes to relaxation or recreation, be consistent in allowing Bible principles to dictate what will be allowed on such occasions. This is the third factor to be considered. Who benefit when children learn to fear Jehovah? And thank you for my food.

Help all the brothers in prison and the concentration camps to get food, Jehovah, and all the thin brothers and sisters in other lands. Help them also to get enough food, Jehovah.

Resisting Fear

And those who are sick, help them get better so they can go to the meetings. Let the angels please look after me while I sleep in the night, Jehovah, and my mommy and daddy, and my brother, and my granny and grandpa, and all the brothers and sisters in the truth. Through your Son Jesus, Amen. How do we affect one another in this matter of fearing Jehovah?