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Rescued from pound before destruction. Vaccinated, desexed, microchipped and health checked ready for adoption. Yes we rehouse cats too. More information at: www. No known health problems.

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Before making transport arrangements you must check the pet is ready to go. If there are two or more suitable prospective parents, the rule is, first one to finalize the adoption ie: pay is the new parent. We accept all major credit cards, electronic funds transfer and even paypal. This pet has been adopted and found love with its new family. The rescue group has removed this pet and it is no longer available for adoption.

The rescue group is no longer taking adoption applications for this pet. Log in to favourite this pet Log in Or sign up.

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How did your dogs get their names? Any nicknames? Bubba was already named when Marcia got him, and she did not want to confuse him. Arny called Bubba "Shop Dog" because Bubba would always follow him to the garage that Arny was always finding some sort of work to do. I was working at my desk in the Library one day and my Assistant Director walked in and said, "I think I have a dog for you.

She told me about seeing a little dog on a Saturday near her house alone behind a locked gate of a construction company.

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Skruffy was hiding under the large dump trucks and heavy equipment. She stopped by the company Monday morning and they told her that the dog, Skruffy, had showed up a few weeks ago. With the heavy October rains, she was wet and Scruffy looking, so they had been feeding her and called her Skruffy my spelling, not theirs.

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  • She told them if they ever caught it, she had the perfect person for this dog Ten days later my office phone rings. It is a man who has caught a dog at work, and he was looking for that lady who worked at the Library. I called her, told her I would be by her house in a few hours, and she went down to get Skruffy.

    When I showed up, she waited about five minutes, then brought Skruffy over to me. Ten minutes later she came back to take her back, and Skruffy growled at her.

    I have been owned ever since. Quickly found out the Skruffy did not like to be alone, so she came to work with me every day. When I took her to the Vet, found out that she had heart worms, she had had a litter, and she needed to be fixed. They asked me her name, and I said Skruffy. For some reason, I spelled it with a "K".

    Skruffy did very well in my office She would give it around ten minutes for my return, and then she would let out this single bark, wait seconds and let out a another single bark until I returned or another staff member came and got her. If I had a meeting or had to go somewhere that she was not invited to, I would leave her with a staff member who worked behind the scenes away from the patrons, and she did just fine. Anyway, that is how she got her name.

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    Sometimes we call her "Little Girl". How were you and your dogs united? Marcia saw Bubba in the window of a grooming shop next to a restaurant she ate at. Skruffy, well, you already read about that. You've traveled all around in your RV. Where have the dogs seem to have enjoyed it most? The dogs enjoy anywhere and everywhere that other dogs have been. Many RV'ers have dogs, as do Truck Drivers and people just traveling down the highway.

    Rest Areas are where they seem to find the most scents. Truck Stops are a close second along with RV Parks. In two years we have traveled through 28 states, visited a number of National and State Parks, and nearly always found places we visited to be very dog friendly. Because Bubba is a runner, I have had Skruffy in pictures where wonderful landscapes are behind her as she sits on top of a stone wall, the hood of the car, inside a hollowed out Redwood Tree Do the dogs have any non-canine pet pals?

    I don't know if you can call them "pals", but both dogs really enjoy the Squirrels in Sandy and Arny's backyard. Through the Woods

    The Squirrels literally toyed with both of them. Have the dogs encountered any exotic critters on your travels? The dogs have seen, up close, Buffalos, Bears and Elk Squeaky toy, ball, stick? Bubba has some squeaky toys, but Skruffy does not get into them much. What is each dog's best quality? Bubba is the most mellow dog you have ever seen. He rarely barks, and if he does bark, it is a quick "roar" and then he is quiet Skruffy is an active barker, but her best quality is her willingness to sit on anyone's lap and be loved If your dogs could change one thing about you, what would it be?

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    Bubba will not use the house or motorhome as a bathroom This does not happen too often, sometimes it is right when he wakes up from a nap or a nights sleep. Wish we could get use to that, but it is almost as bad as peeing in the house.

    Skruffy's top ten most infuriating things you find in a craigslist ad

    Skruffy, well, she has already changed me. One can say did I rescue her, or did she rescue me. If Hollywood made a movie about your life in which your dogs could speak, which actors should do their voices?