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This will be the preamble to the realization of the national main event for the 62 anniversary of the attacks on the Moncada and Carlos Manuel de Cespedes barracks, in which 10 Santiago, representing all Cubans commemorate the anniversary, from the stage itself and at the same time that the action took place and the half millennium of the founding of the town of Santiago de Cuba.

To close a dawn memorial, minutes later will be placed a wreath at the martyrs of Moncada, in the cemetery of Santa Ifigenia. In the weeks before his involvement in the assault symbolic days, from this July 22, the pioneer participants, while testing and outline every detail, hold meetings with fighters of the Cuban Revolution, visiting recreational sites of historical interest Hero City and took part in core activities for the commemoration of half a millennium of the former villa and Santiago anniversary of the anniversary of Moncada, such as the inauguration of works and cultural gala for the occasion.

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The Fallen would put their heads on a pike. Your Doubles partner, the Titan? The two of you could wipe this group by yourselves with no firearms. They were newly risen Guardians, and he wanted them to know they were little more than cannon fodder blessed by the Traveler.

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But eventually they would come to see that he berated and cursed them for their own good. Mental and emotional tempering were just as important as physical toughening. The recruits would get it At that point the best he could hope for is that they take a few enemies with them when they fell. She made her way further down the hall, and into Vanguard HQ. The very large, rectangular desk was covered in odd assortments of paperwork and maps.

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Commander Zavala stood at the head of the desk, creating pinpoints on a holo-globe. Ikora Rey was nowhere to be seen. Helai walked over to the side of the desk she was most familiar with. There sat Cayde-6, the Hunter Vanguard, with his legs crossed and his feet lying upon the polished wood of the desk. I thought I was going to be here all night.

She approached, then half-sat, half-leaned on the desk and folded her arms. He tossed his knife in the air, then juggled it from hand to hand as he spoke. I was busy packing. This has already been done. You signed the paperwork weeks ago. I wanted you to go. Is it a certain Titan? Cayde leaned back again with an exaggerated sigh. She shook her head. Nightstalkers may as well not exist, and Bladedancers Tide is wonderful, he Fallen Captain cut them down. All we found Helai leaned over and put her face into her hands.

Some of the refugees made it the Wall, and there may be others. Go check. Who knows? Head out before the snow gets any thicker. She turned away and smiled. Cayde was infuriating, but also really amusing when he wanted to be. Her Sparrow left a trail of melted snow and sodden earth behind her.

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Come on. The village was a ruin. Helai drew Hawkmoon from her holster, holding it at the low-ready. Quinn expanded her shell, expelling light in flashes. Oh dear.

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Quinn pulsed again. Very slight. I get it. Maybe if I get all of the patrol checkpoints cleared quickly, Cayde will let me get out of here early.

Helai walked over to the building, her feet crunching in the snow. Nailed to what was left of the doorframe was a Dawning star. She reached up and touched it. The ornament was homemade, crafted from thin strips of soldered metal. It was crude, but pretty.

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Charming, even. She pulled the ornament off of the nail and held it up to the starlight. Holidays always make me think of my past. I had to have been at some point. Did I celebrate the Dawning with my family? So many years, just gone, with no memory of them. Quinn flew past through the door. Helai nodded, and opened her hand to toss the metal star to the ground, but stopped.

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She unbuttoned one of the utility pouches on her belt and placed the star inside. Hawkmoon at the ready, she strode purposefully into the remains of the home. Wooden furniture, charred black and broken to pieces. A crushed aluminum stove. No sound, no movement. This place was a tomb.

Helai stepped closer. There was an amorphous bundle up against the wall. Helai aimed her handcannon at the fabric, and grabbed a handful of the blanket, pulling it away. There was a dead woman. Her eyes white with frost, staring up at the stars. Helai dropped to her knees and stripped her gloves off. But barely. What are the vitals? She needs medical attention now. Helai pulled the end of her cloak from behind her back, and tied it to itself nearer the clasp at her neck.

With a couple of knots to tighten it, she felt confident that it would work. Well, could work. The vehicle flashed into existence. Helai lifted one leg over and sat carefully, mindful of the baby. Bursting from the brush came four pikes, side by side and two by two, a dreg piloting each one.

Bigger and heavier than Sparrows, the pikes were armored, and equipped with forward facing Arc cannons. The worst part? They were still just as fast. Helai gunned the throttle and blasted away from the village. Pine trees and snow whipped by in a blur of white and green and brown. Quinn piped up.

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Helai heard the high-pitch whine of the Arc cannons charging. She hit the port thrusters and boosted to the side as blue bolts of Arc flashed passed. Quinn obliged.