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TYGER go to album. On Bandcamp Radio. And so Mother Mary comes to remind us of our vow and of our relationship with God—not to tell us that she is separated from us, that she is a goddess out of reach or an exception to the rule of life on earth. She shows us that she incarnated again and again and faced the same struggles and trials of overcoming that we now face.

Mary, mother of Jesus

And yet Mother Mary, proving the way of victory, kept her soul inviolate and pure so that she might receive Jesus Christ in the hour of his appointed coming for the Piscean dispensation. Anna and Joachim followed many of the teachings of the Essene community and had consecrated their lives to God. They were vegetarians and were schooled in the disciplines of the inner retreats of the Great White Brotherhood.

In their old age, after having prayed many years for a child, Anna and Joachim received a visitation from an angel of the LORD. He appeared to each one to tell them that they would give birth to this blessed child, a daughter who in turn would become the mother of the Christed One, the avatar of the age.

Virgin Mary appears to Mirjana in Medjugorje on July 2, 2019

So Mary was born to them and when she was three years old she was consecrated in the temple, there to become a student of the sacred mysteries. It is said that her parents placed her on the first of fifteen stairs representing the initiations of the psalms of degrees Psalms She climbed the fifteen stairs one right after the other, showing that her soul had already passed these initiations in other lifetimes. The rituals that were practiced by Anna and Joachim were by no means the reason that they were chosen. These practices were but the outer manifestation of their souls' inner commitment already made before the throne of Almighty God.

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The natural flow of our devotion to God that is manifest in spiritual exercises is but a sign of the inner calling. Pray for us, O holy Mother of God. That we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ. Through Christ our Lord. It is good, and comforting to remember when praying the Litany to the Blessed Virgin Mary, that, as St. November is an especially good time to pray for the Holy Souls in Purgatory as they undergo both great suffering and joy in being cleansed for heaven.

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Read More. Our Lady of Akita wept for fallen humanity, warning us to prepare for the great challenges to come! Our Fatima Prayers page is also now a podcast. Now is an especially good time to heed the words and warnings of our Lady of Fatima!