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Experience geese rising over Horicon Marsh at dawn, sandhill. The animal is only two days old and its birth was a relief for Ali's family. Here, in Iraq's Mesopotamian Marshes, buffaloes are often the only capital and wealth. A year ago, Ali's family lost half its buffaloes to a severe drought. With reduced water flow, rising temperatures and evaporation, as well as. Our nature reminds us that we are part of the environment and must bear both plants and animals are introduced into regions where they are in competition with the it also leads to the loss of tropical forests, savannahs, and peat bogs with the a growing threat that the individual becomes the victim of experiments in the.

Sharing the Earth with other species is an important human responsibility. What was missing was the heavy burden of breast cancer. Stop biodiversity loss or we could face our own extinction, warns UN even though many scientists say it poses at least an equal threat to humanity.

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For The Guardian, reporting on the environment is a priority. Popular Caribbean musicians express their experiences with rising seas by. Threatened animals, including where USAID and others have worked for years, the local populations themselves are stepping recently completed an Environmental Threats and Opportunities Assessment. This week's reviewers Ill-informed criticism of their role in the rainforests could be good that omission, as elephants and rhino find themselves under growing threat. This can be even more complicated if you are searching for gifts at a tourist wooden carvings or paper mache figures of different fantastical animals.

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Iraq's wetland paradise under threat

We know the problems: Not only honey bees but also our solitary native bees over kinds in Ontario and other pollinators such as Monarch butterflies and other beneficial insects and small birds are on the decline in a big way. It's neonicotinoids pesticide , it's habitat loss, it's climate change. All the while, about 75 per cent of all flowering plants depend on pollinators to move pollen grains from plant to plant.

With one out of every three bites of food dependent on pollinators, we absolutely need these little critters for healthy plants, full harvests and chocolate! Planting increases the number of species and diversity — encouraging our neck of the woods to become as biodiverse as possible. That's what the goal of the project is: to create a "pollinator corridor" of native plants that will provide food and shelter for pollinators across the City of Hamilton. What a vision! It's also bringing nature back through our urban spaces, which is thrilling, because we all need that connection with the marvels of nature.

Since its launch two years ago, the project has being educating the public about the importance of protecting habitat, building bee boxes through workshops and planting native species sites. There's a free certification program to celebrate those home pollinator patches planted by local residents. The group continues to reach out to the community to further the goal of a pollinator city.

Politicians for Pollinators Jen's vision is ambitious. This year, she will be furthering the conversation around roadside habitat since pollinators and birds benefit from wide swaths of habitat in which to shelter, feed and breed not forgetting that roadside planting saves money by decreasing the need to plow and mow, etc. An excellent Ontario example is the hectare tall grass prairie habitat that has been established along Highway As well, as the planting season draws nearer, Jen also plans to encourage city councillors to pledge to support pollinator conservation and habitat enhancement in their wards.

Seedy Saturday The Pollinator Paradise project will be at Seedy Saturday this weekend, giving away resources and handmade seed balls little clay balls impregnated with wildflower seeds — excellent for guerrilla gardening in wild places and so will I. I'll be filling my little basket with native plant seeds, getting a head start on growing these into plants, and when the spring comes around — I'll be ready.

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California fires live updates: Camp fire death toll at 86; 3 people still missing

Winter might not evoke scenes of living nature or vibrant wildlife, but there is still so much alive and active when we look around and appreciate the subtle beauty. Bright red cardinals flit from tree to tree, competing with blue jays and juncos for space at the feeder. Nuthatches and chickadees call back and forth from the forest.

Without leaves obscuring tree branches, this is one of the best times to spot owls, with the particular delight of visiting snowy owls around Windermere Basin and the Beach. Hear coyotes yipping near the escarpment, see squirrels sprinting along power lines, watch fish swim under the ice in Cootes Paradise.

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Deer freeze, watching you cautiously from the trail. Lichen colourfully coats the trees along the street as the snow piles up.

The large variety of evergreens provides ample habitat for the sparrows that fluff their feathers to stay warm; these majestic trees are a glimmer of hope for the coming spring. A plethora of diversity that we never see contributes even more than we could know to our ecosystems, and even our health. Biodiversity is the variety of life, within a region, or throughout the types of habitat in the area, and also within the genetics of a species.

A healthy ecosystem, a healthy city or a healthy species is diverse and resilient, able to adapt to change and overcome. Aside from the inherent value of nature, we humans rely on biodiversity for ecosystem services such as capturing carbon from the air, filtering stormwater as well as economic services like building materials and crop pollination, and health services including air filtration, medicinal resources, food production and recreation. But this essential variety of life is at risk, in our city and throughout the world.

Everywhere, species populations are declining.

Trevelyan Wing | December 28, 2017

Habitat loss, pollution, climate change and invasive species all threaten the flora and fauna that live alongside us. As the Hamilton Naturalists' Club celebrates a century of protecting nature, there is a renewed focus on conserving and enhancing our city's biodiversity.

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  6. Plastics are a growing threat to the environment — Dalton-Whitfield Solid Waste Authority.

Once we all know the threats, we need to work together to improve the state of nature. Biodiversity needs to be a mainstream word. When we are preparing our gardens in the spring, let us keep biodiversity in mind. All of us, from the single potted flower on an apartment balcony to the city's vast parks and gardens, can do our part to help. With the use of a video camera, Edelsin makes vivid the serious consequences of a severely damaged coffee harvest to her own future and that of her country.

Will David clean up one of the world's dirtiest industries? This film is an intimate portrait of two young people finding their voices and trying to beat incredible odds. Their journeys lead them to explore what could be a more just future, not just for the people of the Amazon, but for all people around the world born with oil beneath their feet.

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  • Will environmentalists continue to oppose this technology despite the threat of climate change? Their shocked and deeply insightful perceptions open a doorway to greater understanding of our lives. This film shatters stereotypical notions of farmers, farm life, and farm animals themselves. Along the way she meets scientists, researchers, influencers, and volunteers who shed light on the effects of our rabid plastic consumption and learns the problem is more insidious than we could have ever imagined.

    The people of the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation of North and South Dakota are fighting to stop a pipeline from being built on their ancestral homeland. The Dakota Access Pipeline would snake its way across four states, bisecting sacred Indigenous sites and burial grounds along the route.

    Now the tribe fears that a leak could contaminate the Missouri River and spell disaster for the Great Sioux Nation.

    Living Things Change: Crash Course Kids #41.1

    But water protectors are standing up in unprecedented numbers to preserve their way of life for future generations and to defend their sacred water. Narrated by Academy-Award winning actress Susan Sarandon, Saving Jamaica Bay underscores the importance of citizen action and the role of urban nature in protecting our cities from the effects of climate change.

    Plastics are a growing threat to the environment — Dalton-Whitfield Solid Waste Authority

    Against all odds, will she be able to return to her home in the wild? Life and death on a Pacific coral reef as seen from the perspective of three reef inhabitants: a sea turtle, a hermit crab and a reef fish. The sea turtle is searching for a mate, the hermit crab for a new shell, and the fish for a meal. Each faces numerous obstacles in its quest and at the same time, the entire reef community is threatened by an unseen threat getting closer every day. Secrets of the Reef was filmed entirely on location in high definition by Emmy Award-winning cinematographer Jonathan Bird.

    This epic tale of survival will enthrall viewers of all ages. Oysters clean the water and are a keystone species that many other creatures depend upon to survive. Now, local artists, environmentalists, students, and scientists are bringing them back!

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    This is their story. Sound is essential to the survival and prosperity of marine life. But man-made ocean noise is threatening this fragile world.