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Note: you might experience energy drops in the first couple of weeks.

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Find something you can do while being engaged in these activities. The main idea here is to do something that will give you value while performing items that you already are committed to spending time on. You should be smart about how you distribute resources. Goals work like a lens of a camera. If you set the lens and focus properly, you will be able to take a clear picture.

When it comes to setting goals, there are tons of guidelines. But here I would keep it simple.

Fo cus on one year ahead, and set 3—5 main goals, for the most important areas of your life work, health, social relationships , personal growth, travel, etc. All you need to do is write down yours and start. To make this easier, I suggest you ask yourself:.

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Then, ask:. If you could do only one more thing on your list of key tasks, which would be the second activity that contributes the most value to me? Finally, ask yourself what the third most important task is. An effective morning ritual is an incredible way to kickstart your day. An example:. If your goal is to start a blog, a high leverage activity would be to write an article every week. Here are several super tips to make your ritual even more efficient:. Do something that will make you feel proud like making the bed. Nothing can kickstart your day like working out. It can be any type of physical activity a gym workout, yoga, walking, jogging, swimming.

We usually think that we need to do everything on our own. Out of all of the activities that you have to do, look at the ones which are not your HIGH leverage ones. Of those items, decide which can be delegated to someone else. See whether or not you can eliminate something, and in the end, see whether certain activities can be automated. I used to spend at least 2 hours preparing food every day. Having freed up 2 hours, I can now decide on which high leverage activities I can invest it in.

You should schedule a meeting with yourself based on the high leverage activities you defined. After that, learn how to protect that meeting with yourself, and use it to focus on activities that will get you closer to accomplishing your goals. Always start with the first one in the sequence.

This will keep you relaxed, but also highly effective in those 25 minutes. I get into the flow when I know exactly what I am working on, and that it helps me reach my goals. After you finish a big chunk of work, you energy will typically drop down. Just close your eyes. If meeting is scheduled for 3pm, you come at pm. Just to be safe. Even if you become an expert in productivity and time management, you will still have a lot of inefficiencies.

15 Ways To Have The Most Productive Year Of Your Life

This is usually because we often depend on external circumstances. If I schedule a meeting and someone is late, I just take out my kindle or podcast and make sure to use that time efficiently. And breathe. Focus more on that. Not every minute of your life should be planned out. After a productive week of work, reward yourself with a lazy couple of hours or even a day.

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Something of a cheat day. An hour before you go to sleep, turn off your laptop, phone, and all electronic devices. Talk with your partner or read a book, and get yourself ready for the next day, by defining your priorities, and what you will wear and eat. Your dad? The right tips will find you and will be fun to implement. Get it out and take a long, hard look at the items that have been lingering.

Be honest—they probably fall under one of the following categories:. Now, go ahead and delete everything that falls under the second, third, and fourth category. For prioritization to work, you have to enjoy using your productivity tools. Note that the first one you try might not be the right fit. I go for a combination of Google Keep for upcoming and ongoing tasks, and a notebook for quick, unexpected tasks I have to resolve the same day. Tip : If task prioritization is new for you, be patient with yourself. Remember the first category of to-dos I mentioned earlier, those important, scary ones?

So rather than facing a big, overwhelming task or the desired outcome , you see actionable steps to get you there. Instead, I update the entry until the task is completed. Tip : Walk before you run—give each step the time it deserves. I believe the key to productivity lies in purpose.

Why Doing Less Is Key to Being More Productive

It just sets the whole tone— the whole point of view. Are you working on something to improve your skills? Make money? Help out a friend?

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You may have noticed that your productivity is also influenced by the habits of the people around you. Unsurprisingly, teamwork is a great asset for boosting productivity. When communicating issues, delegating tasks, and giving answers, be brief and to-the point. Say, someone on your team has asked you to share a Google Doc with them, and you have no idea where it is. Save time for both parties and acknowledge the situation by saying you need to think about it. Getting sucked into a vortex of mobile apps is a headache for many.

There are two main ways to manage app overuse. Is the task boring?

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If your line of work allows it, keep your phone off your workspace I put mine in my bag.