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Follow tomhull These are releases that I've taken note of, listed alphabetically by artist, with VA comps at the bottom. Lines in blue indicate that I have a physical copy albeit sometimes just a promo CDR ; in green are records that I graded based on a Rhapsody stream or other such source. Most records have release dates and a brief generic note usually taken from AMG.

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The "cheese house" on is ingenious. Is there a more original publication of Haranghy's La Fontaine, I wonder, perhaps with even more distinct illustrations? Bruno Coppens et al.

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Is that "The fable vendor is back"? There seem to be about a dozen poetic responses and about five cartoon presentations. As the back cover points out, some are, by turns, exotic, anti-academic, politically incorrect, romantic, cynical, erudite. There is a bit of everything here: poetry, prose, drama, individual cartoons, cartoon panels, painting. Coppens himself has two submissions. One is titled "Le corps beau et l'heureux noir. It has an appropriate accompanying photograph of a painting or drawing.

Another favorite cartoon -- perhaps from Coppens again? I suspect that several of these pieces have a certain amount of "Abruxellation," that is, "Brusselizing" of their terminology. I delight to see people enjoying fables this way. Good fun!


Edward Wheatley. First edition, first printing. Gainesville: University Press of Florida. It is hard to believe that I have had this book eleven years! Even now I can give only an overview.

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  • Wheatley challenges readers early: "we must be able to imagine an era during which fable was taken seriously as a vehicle for social, political, and religious communication" 3. Wheatley's first three chapters give a broad "overview of the attitudes and practices surrounding the reception and appropriation of the verse Romulus collection as a Latin curricular text" 4.

    One great caution: ""All-encompassing formal definitions tell us more about our own desires to master fable than medieval reception of the literary form" 5. He considers fable not as a literary genre but as a mode of discourse.

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    Another caution: "To believe that a fable is best interpreted in one particular way suggests an entrenched dogmatism which the later Middle Ages did not espouse" 6. The second half of the book brings the material from the first half to bear upon the "translated" fables written by three medieval British vernacular writers: Chaucer, Lydgate, and Henryson. The first appendix gives selected fables in their versions by the three authors.

    Further appendices give Latin medieval fable texts. Illustrations by Walker Korby. Sixteen stories are told on 85 pages. Nine of the sixteen stories are fables. New to me and good is "The Jealous Courtiers" The artist Grupello is asked by the Elector in Dusseldorf to make a statue of him. He does so and it pleases the elector very much.

    His courtiers are, however, jealous and make all sorts of criticisms and suggestions. Grupello asks for time to adjust and is heard pounding away for days. When he unveils, each critic declares the statue improved in the regard that he had raised. Then Grupello reveals that he changed nothing and that he has been "hammering at the reputation of the Elector's courtiers" The illustrations are simple designs, one at the end of each story.

    Translated by Norman R. Illustrated by David Schorr. Introduction by John Hollander. Apparent first printing. Shapiro and Schorr are at it again! This marks their third book together on La Fontaine. It is, I believe, another triumph. The translations are crisp. I enjoyed, for example, "The Charlatan" I am surprised at how copiously David Schorr illustrates this volume. I noticed only perhaps four fables that are not illustrated. Schorr discusses well in his foreword the possibilities for the use of visual space in a bilingual translation.

    While he exploits again here the polarity of a fable's antagonists, he also plays with other design possibilities, involving among other things the outer margins and the gutter. I enjoy particularly SS , "The Drunkard and His Wife" , the before and after views of the weasel , the child sleeping on the rim of the well 90 , and SW The latter repeats a motif from Schorr's earlier work, perhaps in The Fabulists French.

    1. Derived Relational Responding Applications for Learners with Autism and Other Developmental Disabilities: A Progressive Guide to Change;
    2. Die Fabel von Aesop bis Arntzen - eBook.
    3. CLEVELAND PRODIGY Original (PDF)!

    I believe that there are only about forty La Fontaine fables left for these two to work on. This book includes an audio CD featuring twenty-six of the fables in English. They are rendered in very lively fashion. Formerly in the Library of Congress.

    Die Fabel von Aesop bis Arntzen - eBook

    Here is the hardbound version of a book I had found only in paperback earlier. I will include my comments from there. Matthew Powell, OP. With illustrations by Ade Bethune. This large-format paperback workbook offers eighteen scripts for readers theater performance.