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It's enormous! Two of my favorite anthologies from the '80s are Cutting Edge and Prime Evil, which I will be covering in the future.

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The Dark Descent and it's companion volume Foundations of Fear are both fantastic anthologies. As is Prime Evil.

Cutting Edge? Too much "edge" and not enough scary.

Humble Comics Bundle: Dynamic Forces 25th Anniversary

Dark Descent contains a great selection of writers but, by the look of it, probably not the best selection of stories that could be put together from those writers. Still, as a 1-book historical survey of short horror stories it's hard to beat. DF is consistently the best of the bunch, though, no question.

The latter two have scattered moments of brilliance but, as I recall, a lot of uninspired filler between them, too. I'm looking forward to rereading Cutting Edge and Prime Evil to see how my memories and impressions of them from odd years ago stack up against the cold reality of today. Holy moly, I've never heard of this book until just now. It's going on the wish list immediately.

The cast of contributing authors, alone, is enough incentive. Save for Later. From veryfinebooks Kensington, NH, U. Min condition without any flaws. The dust-jacket is now in a brand new archival Brodart Mylar sleeve. This is number 26 in the original case as shown. Limited to only copies, each one signed by the editor and artists on an illustrated signature page.

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There are over two dozen illustrations, along with six color plates tipped into each book, and a full-color dust jacket featuring artwork by horror legend Bernie Wrightson. With an over-sized page size, an extremely low print run, Dark Forces has been designed with the ultimate collectors in mind. For other uses, see Dark Forces disambiguation. Dewey Decimal.

Dark Forces (book)

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