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Siclari , F. The neural correlates of dreaming. Mental synthesis involves the synchronization of independent neuronal ensembles. Ideas Outcomes 1 , e Christoff , K. The frontopolar cortex and human cognition: evidence for a rostrocaudal hierarchical organization within the human prefrontal cortex. Psychobiology 28 , — Waltz , J. A system for relational reasoning in human prefrontal cortex. Duncan , J. Fluid intelligence after frontal lobe lesions. Neuropsychologia 33 , — Luria , A.

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Scope of practice in speech-language pathology. Axe , J. Conditional discrimination in the intraverbal relation: A review and recommendations for future research. Verbal Behav.

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OpenUrl PubMed. Michael , J. The multiple control of verbal behavior. Eikeseth , S.

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Mental tests used in genetic studies: The performance of related individuals on tests mainly educative and mainly reproductive. Oxford Psychologists , Grimshaw , G. First-language acquisition in adolescence: Evidence for a critical period for verbal language development. Brain Lang. Fromkin , V.