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Origin The phrase has existed long before the internet, and was never associated with image macros in the first place. Spread The phrase has received world wide recognition once rage comics became mainstream due to the rage face aptly named 'bitch please,' which is an image of a crudely drawn face of professional basketball player Yao Ming represented alongside the titular phrase.

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Bitch Please

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Thread starter beefeather Start date Nov 27, In many humorous contexts I find phrase "bitch please". Its meaning is well defined in internet, but how should I parse this phase exactly?

Is it address to a bitch like in "doctor doctor please", implying you are asking a bitch to do something [to stop being stupid]? Or is it a rude way of asking a girl for myself, like in "one coffee please"? Or is "bitch" a verb in this phrase? Welcome to the forum. By itself, we can't tell what "bitch please" might mean.

What does Bitch Please mean?

You say you've seen these two words together used in many contexts. Could you please quote, say, just two of the sentences in which you've seen the phrase?

Parla said:. Used to show that person that what they are asking,saying, trying to do, or doing is complete retard and unresonable in your opinion.

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