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Martin, Christopher E. Moorman, Clint Otto, Christine A. Ribic, Susan P. Rupp, Jake Verschuyl, Lindsay M.

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Wickman, T. Bently Wigley, Victoria H. An authoritative guide to quantitative methods that will help wildlife scientists improve analysis and decision-making. Description: Over the past fifty years, wildlife science has become increasingly quantitative. But to wildlife scientists, many of whom have not been formally trained as biometricians, computer modelers, or mathematicians, the wide array of available techniques for analyzing wildlife populations and habitats can be overwhelming. This practical book aims to help students and professionals alike understand how to use quantitative methods to inform their work in the field.

Covering the most widely used contemporary approaches to the analysis of wildlife populations and habitats, Quantitative Analyses in Wildlife Science is divided into five broad areas:. Addressing a variety of topics, from population estimation and growth trend predictions to the study of migration patterns, this book presents fresh data on such pressing issues as sustainable take, control of invasives, and species reintroduction.

Authored by leading researchers in wildlife science, each chapter considers the structure of data in relation to a particular analytical technique, as well as the structure of variation in those data. Providing conceptual and quantitative overviews of modern analytical methods, the techniques covered in this book also apply to conservation research and wildlife policy.

Contributors: William M. Block, Leonard A. Brennan, Stephen T. Buckland, Christopher C. Chizinski, Evan C. Cooch, Raymond J. Davis, Stephen J. DeMaso, Randy W.

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Fontane, Julie A. Heinrichs, Mevin B. Hooten, Julianna M. Jenkins, Zachary S. Laden, Damon B. Lesmeister, Daniel Linden, Jeffrey J.

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Lusk, Bruce G. Marcot, David L. Miller, Michael L. Morrison, Eric Rexstad, Jamie S. Sanderlin, Joseph P. Sands, Erica F. Stuber, Chris Sutherland, Andrew N. Tri, David B. Wester, Gary C. White, Christopher K. Williams, Damon L. A call for wildlife conservationists to transcend the boundaries of locality, share best practices, and unite with a common voice to influence global policy. Description: Habitat loss, disease management, predator-human conflict, illegal trade—these are among the many conservation challenges faced by wildlife experts around the world.

But how wildlife professionals approach these issues has historically been geographically fragmented. By providing a broad perspective on issues faced by wildlife on an international scale, the authors of International Wildlife Management make vital connections, drawing attention to underlying causes and strategies for mitigation that may look surprisingly similar from Montana to Zimbabwe.

Bringing together wildlife professionals from around the globe to discuss shared challenges, International Wildlife Management. This timely and thorough overview thinks big, assessing threats to wildlife on a global scale. This useful compendium demonstrates that researchers and scientists should follow their lead.

Contributors: Marissa C.

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Altmann, Walt Anderson, Victoria L. Goyal, Deborah M. Hahn, Menna Jones, Marta A. Jarzyna, Joseph M. Kiesecker, John L.

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Koprowski, Paul R. Krausman, Yves Lecocq, Shane P. Niraj, David E.

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Naugle, John F. Organ, Shambhu Paudel, William F. Porter, Ronald J. Preview the Table of Contents and Forward. Its theme closely reflects the core principle of the profession — that the public, not any individual, owns wildlife, and it explains how this tenet became law, laying the groundwork for the history of state-level wildlife management that follows. Detailed essays also discuss state management techniques for a wide range of wildlife, including big game and migratory birds. This comprehensive book gives a nationwide account of state management efforts. It will aid professors training the next generation of wildlife professionals, students hoping to enter the profession, and anyone working with wildlife to develop a more sophisticated understanding of what it means to be a state wildlife biologist.

Henke and Paul R Krausman. Preview the Table of Contents and Preface.

Becoming a Wildlife Professional is the first comprehensive book to describe the entry-level jobs available for the next generation of wildlife biologists and conservationists. It includes detailed chapters on how students should prepare for a vocation in the wildlife profession while offering pragmatic advice about applying for and obtaining a job. Over diverse career options that are available to aspiring wildlifers are described, including work in biological field research, forestry, rehabilitation, ranching, photography and refuge management.

The book is an essential how-to manual for all wildlife science students interested in making themselves marketable for employers across a wide spectrum of wildlife jobs. Andrews, Priya Nanjappa and Seth P. This is the first book to focus on reducing conflict between roads and small animals. Highlighting habitat connections and the challenges and solutions from both transportation and ecological perspectives, the authors cover various themes including animal behavior related to roads and design approaches to mitigate the negative effects of roads on wildlife. Morrison and Heather A.

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  • Wildlife Habitat Conservation presents an up-to-date review of the habitat concept, provides a scientifically rigorous definition, and emphasizes how we must focus on those critical factors contained within what we call habitat. The result is a habitat concept that promises long-term persistence of animal populations. Ideal for undergraduate and graduate natural resource and conservation courses, the book is organized perfectly for a one semester class.

    Decker, Shawn J.

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    Riley and William F. This authors of this second edition provide the essential information that students and practitioners need to be effective problem solvers. Edited by three leading experts in wildlife management, this textbook explores the interface of humans with wildlife and their sometimes complementary, often conflicting, interests. Preview the Table of Contents and Introduction. Edited by two of the leading figures in wildlife biology, this book gathers the most influential articles published in the field in one volume.

    The book contains forty-two papers that every wildlife student should read. Ideal for use as a textbook. Krausman and James W. Cain III.

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    • This book presents a clear overview of the management and conservation of animals, their habitats and how people influence both. The relationship among these three components of wildlife management is explained in chapters written by leading experts in the field. The book is considered a definitive textbook for students of wildlife management and conservation. DeVault, Bradley F. Blackwell and Jerrold L. The pilot watches the instrument panel and prepares for touchdown — a routine landing until a burst of birds, a coyote, or a herd of deer crosses the runway!