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Raymond Chang takes a penetrating look at this bold new way of treating cancer. The book begins by examining modern medicine's use of surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, hormone therapy, and targeted drugs in the war against cancer.

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It then offers a new therapy based on the knowledge that certain off-label drugs, nutrients, and therapies are each somewhat effective against cancer. By combining these therapeutic agents into a "cocktail," doctors have found that they can attack the cancer all at once, on many different levels and at several different angles, with the goal of overwhelming the disease.

Chang not only discusses the effectiveness of the cocktail, but also provides an examination of the most valuable agents available.

Brain tumor cocktail - Brain tumors

For over a thousand years, Traditional Chinese Medicine has used the cocktail approach to safely and effectively fight disease. Throughout the world, the most successful treatments for HIV and Hepatitis C are based on this strategy. See our price match guarantee. View additional information. Toggle navigation.

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    Beyond the Magic Bullet : The Anti-Cancer Cocktail [Paperback]

    Berkeley, California: Ten Speed Press. Block KI. New York: Bantam Dell. Chang R. A commonly prescribed diabetic drug, there is a huge amount of data supporting its benefits for cancer patients. I believe it may have contributed towards my superior response to chemo, long time to recurrence and survival beyond my expected time.

    In December , I added more and more repurposed drugs to my protocol, which may have slowed the progression of my cancer.

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    It's a good preliminary read however on the subject. It does come with a handy pull out page of foods to target and avoid based on their glycemic index and cancer fighting properties.

    Also note that the the author uses a few pages to sell his own supplements for immune support during cancer treatment, so independence may be slightly lacking! I remember reading how she went shoe shopping while waiting for scan results and wondering how on earth she had the mindset to think about shoes while waiting for such news.

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    A year on, I make a habit of going clothes shopping around scan times, to remind myself I am not going anywhere anytime soon! She also has a cookbook alongside this: Crazy Sexy Diet.

    Beyond the Magic Bullet: The Anti-Cancer Cocktail by Raymond Chang, Paperback | Barnes & Noble®

    D with Gene Stone. I was wrong! His book is ordered into chapters "How not to die from heart disease", "How not to die from lung disease" and a further 13 illnesses before breaking down our diet into chapters such as beans, berries, nuts and seeds, herbs etc.