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Flower essences are made by collecting flowers at their peak blossom and making a water infusion from them as they are laid in water in the sunlight. This way the energy of the flower is transferred to the water. A mother tincture is made and then diluted to stock level. It is then preserved with alcohol. Flower essences are extremely gentle. They work on the emotional body in a subtle way. They can be used with any vitamin, herb, homeopathic remedy or prescription drug without interaction.

Because they are so gentle, they are also appropriate for children. People, especially children, are very good at choosing their own flower essences.

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Children are generally more in tune with their intuition and are great at this. You can choose an essence by looking up a particular issue and seeing what essences fit with that issue. There may be more than one essence that resonates with you. You can combine as many as 7 essences together. There are also pre-made combinations that help with issues like grief, motivation, and opening the heart.

Mystical herbology:Essential oils, Bach Flower Remedies and Aromatherapy

You can put flower essences under your tongue, or put them in your water and sip throughout the day. It is important to repeat the essences at least twice each day, as well as to be mindful of why you are taking it. Out of this use, however, it was recognized that certain plants had a variety of effects upon people, and over time, many plants began to be used as a result of their biochemical effects. Many present-day medicines are derived from herbs. More will be found by ongoing research.

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The use of some herbs in small amounts such as turmeric is of value as they contain many powerful chemicals that are healthful. Ayurveda also used minerals in its treatment methods for thousands of years. Substances such as arsenic, antimony, and mercury were in common use until this past century.

Mercury was the most popular mineral used and was given almost as a universal antidote for illness. The ancient apothecary, or pharmacy, had minerals and a variety of plant substances. Some of these pharmacies grew their own plants and prepared minerals for administration. Of particular note in alchemy is the mineral mercury , a silver white element derived from the red cinnabar ore, and is a deadly poison.

When I began the study of medicine in , there were several forms of mercury still being used in medical care.

It was quite effective as an ointment to treat fungus infections of the skin. Injections of mercuhydrin were used as a diuretic. Gradually, physicians began to understand its long-term toxicity and its use faded. For millennia herbologists have believed that there. In more recent years this spiritual power has been expressed as electric-magnetic energy with a high wave frequency.

There is always this attempt to explain mystical power , life force energy , in the terms and concepts of modern physics, making it more acceptable to the nonbeliever of mysticism. Such teaching is also more deceptive to the unwary. Energy traveling at the speed of light is said to become material substance forming the cosmos, earth, and all that is on it. The higher hypothesized frequencies subtle energies are said to promote higher levels of consciousness.

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  6. Herbs are believed to possess high frequency energy; therefore herbal treatment is believed to be most effective on the mind of man and is useful for therapy on emotions and mental conditions. Some of these false aspects are very difficult to ferret out, as the explanation of the application and use of certain methods sounds so beneficial and can blend so closely with the true. This is especially so in aromatherapy. Most people will make their judgment as to whether a method is proper to use or not by whether they receive apparent benefit.

    Satan is not going to waste his efforts on a therapy that does not bring changes or apparent improvement.

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    The Bible tells us he has power to do miracles, not just fake miracles; is given power to bring about real miracles. No mere impostures are here foretold. The greatest use of herbs in the past was guided mainly by a world view that saw their influence upon humans not by biochemical action, but as substances containing life-forces by which man supposedly increased his own life-force. The New Age Movement of today looks to herbs both as a spiritual power—energy and as active biochemical agents. This will be better demonstrated in the following comments on flower and aromatherapy therapy.

    An ancient earth based spiritual belief system concerning herbs appears in many ancient cultures and civilizations such as Celtic, Chinese, Indian, and Native American philosophies just to name a few. This was a belief system which also demonstrated a wholistic view of illness, and utilized herbs according to religious belief. You could say that an earth centered-nature religion still permeates herbalism today.

    Secrets Of Superstar Speakers: Wisdom from the Greatest Motivators of Our Time

    Pagans work with Nature, respecting and worshipping the spiritual forces they observe. Nature is perceived as the domain of the gods and of spirits. Exploring what Pagans believe about relationships said to exist between plants and man gives us more understanding as to why they have interest in the use of herbs, plant essences, essential oils, and aromatherapy for healing.

    This relationship is said to be that all plants have souls and spirits that guard and protect the species. Many plants are said to have also animal spirits attached. Cachora Indian Shaman is quite plain about the underlying principle of healing herbs. He says that healing takes place when a person connects into the plant spirit, becoming the plant and understanding its personality. In following paragraphs we will explore more concerning the belief in and use of plants, their essences, essential oils, and aromas as used by many today for health and healing. Herbs have a proper use for their taste and biochemical properties.

    Various flower remedies are also typically involved in the world of the occult, such as the Vita Florum and Bach Flower Remedies which claim to operate on the basis of cosmic forces and permit psychic diagnosis, prognosis, and other forms of guidance… 8. The occultist Douglas Baker discusses the underlying theory in the use of flower remedies in his book, Esoteric Healing. We should not be surprised, after our careful examination of the occult forces, a plan…that these could be applied to correct imbalances in the astral and mental auras of Man.

    Flower essences are prepared by placing the petals in water and in the sunlight. The water is administered by placing drops of it on the tongue at various times each day over an extended period of time.

    It may be that the person prescribing the flower essence will make the diagnosis and then choose the proper flower for treatment by use of a pendulum. This is done by having the person being tested hold a flower essence vial in one hand and with the other arm outstretched, downward pressure is made on the arm.


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    The arm will increase in strength when the best essence is held. It is a popular form of divination. Bach, an English homeopathic physician, a psychic, a believer in subtle energies, started the use of flower remedies. He developed thirty-eight different flower essences which are still available after seventy three years. Since the death of Dr.

    Bach in , many other flower essences have been added to the treatment protocol. At least five hundred different essences are available for treatment of a variety of maladies.