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A Small Taste of Jonathans Corner (Major Works)

Big question. Why do adaptations converge?

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Why is the platypus unique? Smaller question, but fun! Read, enjoy, think.

Get this for the backyard biologist in your life. In staggeringly clear and engaging prose, Losos shows us remarkable vignettes of scientists working at personal and professional risk in all sorts of habitats — field, lab and museum — to elucidate stunning mechanisms of evolution.

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He is one of the premier writers in biology today. Wonderfully lucid; singularly engaging. No spoilers here, but the evidence presented on both sides makes for some thought-provoking reading. The book is as enjoyable as it is informative. In Improbable Destinies , Jonathan Losos tackles these fascinating questions not with empty philosophizing, but with juicy tales from the front lines of scientific research.

Drunk flies, fast-evolving lizards, mutating microbes, and hypothetical humanoid dinosaurs all grace the pages of this wonderfully thought-provoking book.

Jonathan Losos has shone a light on a largely unheralded cast of fascinating creatures and ingenious scientists who are reshaping our view of why life is the way it is. Losos By Jonathan B. Paperback —. Add to Cart Add to Cart. Listen to a sample from Improbable Destinies. About Jonathan B. Losos Jonathan B. Product Details.