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Is there a kink in Team Unity’s Armour? - The St Kitts Nevis Observer

The idiom " chink in one's armor " refers to an area of vulnerability. It has traditionally been used to refer to a weak spot in a figurative suit of armor.

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The standard meaning is similar to that of Achilles' heel. Grammarist [ who? The phrase "chink in one's armor" has been used idiomatically since the midth century. It is based on a definition of chink meaning "a crack or gap," dating back to around While the phrase itself is innocuous, its use in contemporary times has caused controversy in the United States due to it including "chink", a word that can also be used as an ethnic slur to refer to someone of Chinese or East Asian descent.

A Kink in My Armour

An editor used the phrase as a headline on the company's web site in February ; the headline was titled "Chink In The Armor", and referred specifically to Lin. I'm so sorry that I offended people. I loved the Life Aquatic. I thought it was magic. I didn't understand why it got poo-pooed quite a bit.

Post a Comment. While living and working in Edinburgh in I set out to write one million words in days Monday, May 26, A Kink in the Armour. It was okay.

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A chink is a hole, especially a crack opened up when something splits. They are extending the metaphor of a gap between armor plates that exposes vulnerable body parts into a situation in which one is open to some kind of attack.

Skyrim Mods - Week 125 - The Kinkiest "Armor" Ever?

I see a voice! There is some precedent elsewhere for the oddness of chink v. But of course with chinking you are getting rid of a lack, which is itself a kind of paradoxical idea.